Subsoilers with working widths between 6 and 7 m
The seedbed preparation is fast and efficient with MASCHIO subsoilers. They match deep hard pan breaking and soil levelling. Solidity and attention to the details are the essential features of these equipments.

Front tip, 3” large, shatters compact soil layers and improves shank penetration. It can be easily upset just removing two bolts when one side is wore out. The tungsten coating makes it even more lasting.

The disc harrow, which controls depth, offers much more: consolidates the soil without surface compacting, clod breaking, seedbed levelling, residue incorporation. These actions allow to restore soil porosity improving capillary water flow and radical plantlet development.

The DIABLO trailed subsoiler is engineered to be matched with the most powerful tractors on the market today. The necessity for machines that exploit the great power of these tractors prompted the development of this model, combining high performance with great sturdiness. Ample clearance between shanks and the rear disc carrier guarantees unbeatable results on every type of soil and crop residues. With just one pass the soil is intensively tilled, and subsequent operati ons are made easier.
  • 51 mm attachment nut;
  • Foldable frame with transport safety system;
  • Transport wheels of 550 / 60-22.5;
  • 2 front wheels for mechanical depth adjustment with the size of: 10.0 / 75-15.3;
  • Support leg
  • Folding sections with nitrogen accumulator;
  • Hydraulic working depth adjustment;
  • Tractor hydraulic distributors: min 3;
  • Lighting kit for road transport;
  • Double front wheels for depth adjustment;
  • Scissors anchors;
  • Reversible tip with quick attachment coated in tungsten;
  • Rear roller with 2 rows of discs of 610 mm Ø.