7 models with Power Drive and CVX transmissions, with powers between 280 and 435 HP
First launched in 1987, the Magnum Series has evolved over 27 years to become the first choice of large scale farmers and contractors who demand the best. 

The Magnum CVX is designed to operate with extreme fuel efficiency in all applications and conditions, and to ensure you never waste fuel. 

On the road, it reaches 50 kph at just 1,400 rpm, so you save fuel for every tonne you transport. In the field, in specialist applications at low speed, the integrated creeper, independent of engine speed, ensures an economical performance and the Automatic Product Management (APM) automatically adjusts engine speed to the power requirements.
You can choose the proven Full Powershift Transmission with Automatic Productivity Management (APM) that automatically reduces engine speed to match power requirements. Or you can opt for the Continuously Variable Transmission that makes the Magnum CVX the perfect all-rounder on the road and in the field, driving automatically from 0 to 50 kph.
Multicontroller featuring drive logic, the ICP intuitive control panel and the AFS Pro 700™ touch screen monitor integrate all the tractor’s functions into the armrest, putting all the controls at your fingertips: speed selection, direction changes, throttle, AccuGuide engage, Headland Management Control, electronic remote valves, rear hitch controls, PTO, joystick … everything is in one place within easy reach. 

Operation is so intuitive that a novice driver would have no problem working at his best from day one.
The integrated AFS™ Pro 700 touch screen gives you all the key data, from fuel consumption to engine and PTO power, at a glance. It also enables you to adjust the settings easily and quickly for different implements and working conditions. 

The Magnum is ISOBUS ready to control compatible implements. To maximise your efficiency, you can choose from a full range of guidance solutions, offering accuracy levels of up to 2.5 cm.
CVXDrive transmission
Industry leading CVXDrive transmission delivers uninterrupted power to the ground, incorporating three ranges to be more efficient and deliver more power for tough jobs. Plus, with ActiveStop, the engine holds the tractor in place, letting you more easily start and stop on inclines without using the clutch or brake.

Go from zero to 40 or 50 km/h simply by moving a lever. CVXDrive automatically selects the best transmission range for the desired speed or load, eliminating the need for clutching and shifting.

CVXDrive automatically chooses the most fuel efficient combination of engine speed and drivetrain selection to save fuel and reduce costs.