4 sun-flower headers between 6 and 16 rows
Drago Gold is the result of Olimac innovative mechanical technology developed in a completely robotic high-tech plant. Drago Gold is equipped with many exclusive characteristics allowing for total harvesting without losses and higher working speed, also in extreme conditions.
More power, more robustness, total harvesting without losses.
• Gathering chains able to prevent losses of product;
• High cutting speed system without vibration;
• Hyper-dimensioned auger with clutch;
• Two clutches for each row group;
• Oil-bathed external transmission. Zero maintenance;
• Hydraulic stalk chopper: the only one able to cut the stalk to the ground while simultaneously harvesting the sunflower up to a height of 1,5 m;
• Drago Gold is produced with 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 18 and 24 rows, and applies on all type and brand of combine-harvesters.