8 models with Power Drive and CVX transmissions, with powers between 470 and 692 HP
Farm managers and operators can easily transfer information between the tractor and a desktop computer, all wirelessly in both directions. Powered by AFS Connect Telematics, you have the freedom to take the right decisions supported by all available data, at the right time, anywhere, from any device. A mobile app is also available to vizualize fleet and farm data. The AFS Vector Pro receiver works with different GPS signals, ensuring best pass-on-pass accuracy.

Every Quadtrac AFS Connect™ tractor carries within it 20 years of leading track technology experience, being the first such concept in the world, with a patent held by the American manufacturer for 20 years. Moreover, the Case IH Quadtrac 620 has become the most powerful tractor in the world in the series production, with a maximum power of 692 HP and the most appreciated articulated tractor in the world. Quadtrac technology has been refined and updated several times since then.

The Case IH Quadtrac provides more than 90% of the traction power of the engine at ground contact, reducing to 0% the slipping on the arable surface, respectively the fuel consumption. They also cover a large area of ​​contact with the ground, substantially reducing compaction. At a standard Quadtrac weight of 25400 kg and a contact surface area of ​​6.2 m², the ground pressure is 0.42 kg per cm², less than the pressure exerted by a man walking in the field and moving his weight from one leg on another. At the same time, Quadtrac tractors actually mold to the ground, depending on the firmness of the soil. This is an advantage even in soft, marshy soil conditions with large puddles.

Its four-track design evenly distributes the Quadtrac’s weight, while articulated steering maintains full power when turning without soil ridging, and allows wide implements to be pulled with ease. Minimal compaction preserves soil water-holding capacity and free movement of water, air, nutrients and roots, providing crops with the best opportunity to fulfil their potential. 
Peak outputs up to 692hp mean Steiger and Quadtrac tractors lead the industry in power and productivity. Hi-eSCR technology ensures they not only meet Stage  IV emissions regulations, but also can operate to meet demands for maximum productivity or minimal fuel consumption. Operators benefit from the industry’s most comfortable cab, with features including armrest controls, leather seating, easily-read pillar instrumentation and climate control.
Timeliness is key in modern arable farming, calling for maximum capacity and productivity. It’s a challenge Quadtrac can help you overcome. So while soft soils and slippery conditions can leave wheeled and twin-tracked tractors standing, but Quadtrac design ensures maximum grip with minimal soil damage, protecting it not just for the coming season, but over the longer term too.