Corn headers between 6 and 8 rows
Harvesting is a challenging business during a season that leaves no room for equipment failure or harvest losses. Anyone striving to achieve commercial success in their farm operations depends on reliable equipment - all day, every day. Since 1880, Geringhoff has been working closely with farmers on every continent - longer than any other company worldwide. Our products and solutions are the result of 140 years of experience in the industry. Our corn heads are based on a variety of different harvesting systems. In combination with our accessories and add ons for special harvesting challenges we create unique combine heads proven and with the highest attention to detail. 
Rota Disc®
Experience reduced fuel consumption, reduced downtime, and fewer maintenance requirements. The uniquely patented Rota Disc® design speeds growers through harvest and leaves a distinctly processed field behind. Vertically sliced, shredded, and evenly distributed, the Rota Disc® is the industry's most efficient stalk destruction corn head.
Mais Star* SC
The Mais Star* SC concept relies on the proven Mais Star* design: Two counter-rotating snapping rolls, each fitted with four knife bars, aggressively pull the corn stalks downward in a controlled motion. The integrated horizontal chopper requires a low amount of drive power to shred the gathered corn straw for faster rotting, virtually eliminating the need for mulching or follow-up chopping.