Most innovative technology flex draper
It adapts perfectly to the soil without exerting pressure on it. Easy to adjust to any of the 4 positions of the harvester to suit harvesting conditions. Hydraulically adjustable header tilt and tilt that allows changes in gait depending on specific harvesting conditions. The C-shaped cutting bar helps to smooth the flow of the crop by providing the shortest transition from the cutting bar to the conveyor belts. Proven durability of the MacDon knife drive box, the hydraulic unit of the blades allows adjustments of the speed of harvesting according to the specific conditions of harvesting. Spare knife storage is now available for 12.2m and 13.7m headers. Improved hydraulic system with knife inverter and more precise control of the speed of the conveyor belts.
Technical specifications
• Weight: 9.1m 3270kg / 10.6m 3490kg / 12.2m 3706kg / 13.7m 3837kg;
• Hydraulically operated knife by the patented MacDon group, 1200 to 1500 SPM;
• Reel Model PR15 with 27.9 cm HD plastic fingers;
• Hydraulically operated conveyor belts with a width of 1057mm and double V design to guide the material;
• Additional auger mounted for rapeseed harvesting;
• Kit of short arms for the reel;
• Quick splitter chain / side knife replacement kit;
• Stabilization wheels;
• Spare knife;
• Maintenance kit (filter, replacement knives, folding fingers, retractable fingers, knife protection plates);
• Wear plates;
• Rapeseed harvesting kit (knives).