10 models with Semi-Powershift and CVX transmissions, with powers between 115 and 175 HP
Maxxum has long been the name by which mid-range tractors are measured, a byword for models which are agile, frugal, strong and dependable. Now there’s an even wider line-up of model specifications to choose from, providing you with a broader range of transmissions to match exactly the demands of your business. Standard Maxxum models may be the entry level tractors in the range, but they are equipped with a specification that’s comprehensive by any measure, with just the right level of technology to meet modern day demands. They benefit from the ActiveDrive 4 transmission with 16F/16R 40 km/h four-speed powershift, a comfortable cab, up to four mechanical remote valves and the same implement-handling capabilities as other Maxxum models. These simple, straightforward machines make for a cost conscious investment, but their ability to get your jobs done is just the same as that of other models in the range.

Designed to be efficient in the toughest conditions
Capable of cutting any task down to size, at the heart of every Maxxum tractor lies one of the industry’s most modern, most frugal and most productive engines. With Case IH, there’s no question of seeking outside sources of power – our engines come from our sister firm FPT Industrial, producer of some of the most respected powerplants in the business. From the four-cylinder 116 hp Maxxum 115 to the six-cylinder 145 hp Maxxum 150 (rated powers), all feature FPT engines, with four-cylinder 4.5 litre units in all models bar the flagship six-cylinder 6.7 litre Maxxum 150. All are fully Stage IV compliant, courtesy of HI-eSCR exhaust after-treatment, which has no impact on the engine’s performance, and there’s no particle filter to service or replace.
Tractor operation has never been easier
If you’ve operated a Maxxum before, you’ll know how intuitive its controls are; if you haven’t, take a seat and find out! These are tractors designed by people who understand tractors – people who understand farming. Whether your requirement is for a machine with standard specification or one with the most advanced technology package, there is a level of Maxxum to suit, each as simple to operate as the others.
Case IH knows: a comfortable operator is a productive operator, and that’s why we’ve put even more focus on driver features in these latest Maxxum models. From cab and front axle suspension system to an enhanced range of seating options, Maxxum tractors are designed to ensure the operator remains comfortable hour after hour, day after day, regardless the task or terrain.
But the package is about more than just a loader. All Maxxum tractors are packed with features to deliver superior manoeuvrability and visibility. For example, new Adaptive Steering Control eases operation and manoeuvrability. The steering ratio can be selected via the AFS Pro 700 touchscreen monitor either through preset options or a customised setting. There’s also a new loader joystick which includes transmission operation buttons, and an ActiveClutch II function lets you stop, inch or vary your speed without having to use the clutch. And a true power shuttle means no loss of drive or traction when changing direction on slopes with your Maxxum Multicontroller. LRZ loaders are designed for easy on/easy off operation. No assistance required; drive in, connect, lift, lock, fold up parking stand and away you go. At Case IH we see the LRZ loader as part of the tractor. The wiring, hoses, brackets and control systems are fully integrated into the vehicle at the design stage and not just retrofit as offered by other manufacturers. The high roof visibilty window is ideal for loader work. A class 3.5 (all Maxxum) and a class 4 (CVX) front axle is available for heavy loader work. The Quick-Lock mounting system makes attachment quick and easy. A spring-loaded design keeps the pins with the loader – no loose pins or parts to go missing when you’re attaching the loader. 
Just like their larger cousins in the Case IH range, Maxxum tractors are available with CVXDrive continuously variable drive technology, offering seamless travel from standstill up to 50 km/h, which can be achieved at a fuel-frugal 1,700 rpm. CVXDrive transmissions use a DKT (Doppel-Kupplungs-Technologie) double clutch system for optimal performance. However, CVXDrive technology is about more than just efficiency; it’s about ease of use, which is why we’ve ensured Maxxum CVX tractors are incredibly simple to operate, suiting them to all types of operator and operation. Creep speeds are integral, while the CVXDrive transmission also offers Active Stop capability, allowing full stopping and starting using only the throttle, even on hills, without the need to use the clutch or brakes.