Subsoilers with working widths between 2.5 and 3 m
The seedbed preparation is fast and efficient with MASCHIO subsoilers. They match deep hard pan breaking and soil levelling. Solidity and attention to the details are the essential features of these equipments.

Thanks to the safety system with a nitrogen accumulator the tine can overcome obstacles without damages. With the automatic reset the working position is restored as soon as the stone has been overcome.

The double spike rear roller ensures soil levelling and clods breaking. The special counter-rotation of the rollers is generated without additional energy. The spikes are produced by a forging process, which makes them long-lasting and though.

The ATTILA model is suitable for medium power tractors (from 110 to 200 HP). Maximum working depth is 45 cm using from 5 to 9 shanks with different working widths, perfect for medium sized farms and farm contractors. This model has a safety system with shear bolt. Tillage depth is adjusted by the double rear roller with manual pin or hydraulic system.
  • Three-point universal attachment, category III;
  • Frame with adjustable anchors from 25cm to 45 cm;
  • Anchor thickness 30 mm, with progressive penetration angle;
  • Reversible tip with quick attachment;
  • Safety screw;
  • Support legs;
  • Anchor protection;
  • Furrow breakers for crushing and aerating the land;
  • Working depth up to 45 cm;
  • Double hydraulic tooth roller ø 220.