Ploughs with number of furrows between 6 and 9
Suitable for small to medium tractors, in-furrow ploughs make ploughing easier. The tractor wheels sit in the furrow for good grip and traction, especially in wet conditions. The furrow guides the tractor which is especially useful if you do not have GPS guidance. On-land ploughs are suitable for high power tractors, including tracked, twin wheels or wheels over 710 mm in width. By working on-land, tyre wear is reduced, especially on flinty soils. The Gregoire Besson semi-mounted on-land ploughs allow you to work either in-furrow or on-land.
Technical specifications
• Semi-worn plow in work and semi-worn in transport;
• Coupling category 3N, 3, 4N, 4, compatible with quick coupling;
• Rack-pinion reversal system, driven by 2 cylinders;
• The reversal can be initiated and stopped at any time reducing the risks;
• Hydraulic adjustment of the first body;
• Depth wheel with hydraulic control and mechanical angle control system, size: 400 / 70-20 - Ø 1115 mm (tractor profile) SPMF8 440 (17.5-R24) - Ø 1220 mm (tractor profile) SPMF9;
• SPML9 - double reinforced front support wheel 700x12;
• Optimal weight transfer during work and transport;
• Mechanically adjustable working width 35-55 cm on each body;
• CARBID plow knives and shear bolt protection system.