Ploughs with number of furrows between 10 and 14
The Gregoire Besson Voyager C80 plows range have been designed and built to work in the most extreme conditions while offering the user the possibility to control operating costs. To achieve this goal, quality materials (high-strength steel) were used, with special care given the date of installation of sufficiently sized subcomponents and welds given to the structural elements. These are the factors that will do Gregoire Besson plows easy to use. 
Technical specifications
• Semi-worn or on-land plow, under construction;
• Optimal weight transfer during work and transport;
• Swivel attachment head, fixed attachment coupling cat. III-IVN;
• Hydraulic lifting with hydropneumatic suspension;
• Rack-pinion reversal system;
• The reversal can be initiated and stopped at any time reducing the risks;
• Lamellar bands;
• Anthropods;
• CARBID plow knives;
• Shear bolt protection system;
• Tire 440 (17.5-R24) Ø1220mm (tractor profile);
• Road traffic lighting kit.
• Frame size: 180 x 180 mm + 260 x 180 mm;
• Hydraulic adjustment of the first body (open) for on-land work and folded for semi-worn type work;
• Working width on adjustable body 5 positions between 30-50cm;
• Support wheel with the size: 700x12.


• Frame size: 180x180 mm + 260 x 180 mm;
• Rear depth wheel SPO (330 / 55x16);
• Working width on adjustable body 5 positions between 30-50cm.