Ploughs with number of furrows between 2 and 4
UNIA is the largest Polish producer of agricultural machinery, with a production of almost 25,000 agricultural machines per year. Of these, 10,000 are exported to 60 distributors worldwide. For the construction of machines are used approx. 100,000 tons of high quality steel in the four factories in Poland, located on a total area of approx. 11.5 ha. With a centuries-old tradition on the Polish market, UNIA produces robust machines, using durable materials and state-of-the-art technologies, thus pursuing high labor productivity in today's difficult soil and climate conditions.
Standard equipment
  • hitch axle: ø60-825/ø28 mm with two-stage adjustment;
  • 100×100×8 mm frame;
  • MX plough body with trashboard;
  • bolt protection;
  • variable, spot-adjustable ploughing width: 32/37/42 cm for body;
  • side support wheel 200/60-14.5 with wheel shock absorber;
  • ø405 mm coulter disc with bolt protection;
  • mechanical adjustment of first body;
  • interbody clearance: 85 cm;
  • underbeam clearance: 72 cm;
  • filter for hydraulic hose.
Optional equipment
  • 120x120x8 mm beams;
  • Hitch axle of Cat. II, ø28 mm, Cat. II, ø36 mm or Cat. III;
  • MX plough body with skimmer;
  • Bolt (bolt M12x65 mm), non-stop spring leaf (S) (5-leaf spring) or hydraulic protection (H);
  • Variable, spot-adjustable ploughing width: 35, 40 and 45 cm per body;
  • Adjustment of the first furrow-slice witdth with adjustment screw;
  • Support wheel;
  • 450 mm coulter disc: with bolt protection at bolt protection of the body and with spring leaf or hydraulic protection of the body.