Cultivator with working widths between 4.5 and 10.3 m
To turn ploughed land of extremely light or heavy soil into a seedbed while maintaining its soil structure is a challenge. The furrow press RexiusTwin, levels, crushes clods, consolidates and leaves a weatherproof surface in one single pass. Together with the Rapid seed drill, it offers an extremely lean plough based machine chain, saving time, diesel and ground moisture.

Extremely heavy
The goal in heavy ploughed land is to convert the furrows into a seedbed the shortest time with the fewest passes. If not done correctly, the soil loses valuable moisture and becomes more difficult to work. RexiusTwin is perfect machine for the heaviest ploughed soils.
Extremely light
In extremely light soils the challenge is often a lack of reconsolidation, making following operations difficult. The OffSet RexiusTwin packer delivers an extraordinary carrying capacity paired with high weight. This leaves a surface ready to drill.
The importance of timing
Like in many soil preparation issues, timing is crucial. The RexiusTwin OffSet packer keeps clean also in moist conditions, enabling early entry to the field. This avoids mixing dry and moist soil in the seedbed causing uneven germination conditions.
Levelling the field
All tools bringing soil forward level the field. RexiusTwin is equipped with two such tools, the tines and the CrossBoard. The tines have a vertical attack angle transporting soil forward. The CrossBoard levels the soil using a double acting stabiliser bar makes the whole unit work uniformly.