Cultivators with working widths between 3.75 and 6.75

Opus 400-700 is a powerful and versatile trailed tine cultivator with an impressive capacity. 

It is able to handle large amounts of crop residues while keeping the draught requirement moderate.

Extremely powerful tines
Opus is equipped with robust tines, which mix and loosen the soil down to 30cm working depth. With DeepLoosening points the depth increases to 40cm. The tines have a hydraulic stone release, which can be adjusted variably up to 700kg release force. Thanks to this high release force and its soil-seeking points, Opus is able to maintain a constant working depth in all field conditions.
Heavy-duty frame
The frame is designed for heavy use in tough conditions. It has three axles and 27cm tine spacing, which ensure an intense cultivation and good throughflow. The heavy tine cultivator Opus is built around a strong frame which can withstand high stresses extending the working life.
Always a level field
The levellers are fitted on a parallelogram, ensuring that the correct working angle is maintained at any depth. To be able to adapt to varying soil conditions, the driver is able to adjust the intensity of the hydraulic levellers with millimetre precision on the move.