Pneumatic precision planters with rows between 8 and 24
Every component on the Tempo planter is built to ensure the exact same start for all seeds. No matter the speed – no matter the field condition. The even seed placement results in a crop that matures at an even rate and is more likely to yield to full potential.

The Tempo planter delivers an exact seed spacing, even seed depth and no overlap planting on headlands. On top of this, the planting precision is always the same irrespective of outside influences such as speed, vibrations, slopes or varying field conditions.

The Tempo seed meter stands out from the crowd. Thanks to the Power Shoot technology, which uses air pressure to maintain full control of the seed all the way down to the soil; gravity, vibrations and slopes are removed from the equation. Speed is not an issue for Tempo.

Tempo takes modern technology to the field. Each Tempo row unit is individually electric driven and the control system Väderstad E-Control seamlessly establishes a real time communication between the planter, the tractor and you as a driver. The planter electronics constantly ensures performance and you benefit from user-friendly remote setup, as well as real-time monitoring and full control.
Highest precision in all dimensions
In-row precision
The Tempo seed meter, together with Power Shoot guarantees that each seed is placed one by one with extreme accuracy in the seed furrow. By providing even plant spacings, without skips and doubles, Tempo delivers very high in-row precision. This means that all plants are granted the same growing conditions from the start.

Depth precision
The Tempo planter has a heavy-duty design, transferring high weight to the row units. Together with its components, this ensures a stable ride with maintained planting depth in all conditions. The exact depth precision leads to an even germination, which in turn is crucial to grow strong and healthy
crops with great yield potential.

End-of-row precision
Each row unit on the Tempo planter is electrically driven, enabling GPS controlled individual row shut-off. By eliminating overlaps on headlands and irregular field areas, potential yield losses are avoided at the same time as the input costs can be reduced by 5-10%. Tempo enables section control for seed, fertilizer and micro granulates.
The key for high-speed planting
The patented Power Shoot technology makes the Tempo planter stand out from the crowd. 

On traditional planters, the seed falls freely through the seed tube from the seed meter down to the soil. When vibrations arise as the speed increases, the seed bounces in the seed tube and much of the precision of the seed meter is lost. This is one of the reasons why many planters are limited to low planting speeds. 

Power Shoot uses positive air pressure to shoot the seeds at 50km/h down the short seed tube. This gives the Tempo planter full control of the precision of each seed, from the seed hopper all the way down to the seed furrow.
Tempo L 8-24
Tempo L is a trailed high-speed planter with an enormous capacity. Tempo L doubles the capacity of a traditional planter. Most importantly, the crop is established with higher precision.

Tempo L can be equipped to place fertilizer together with planting. Depending on the model, either a 3000 or 5000 litre fertilizer hopper is available. The fertilizer is metered via the high capacity metering system, Fenix III. The metering capacity for fertilizer is up to 350kg/ha at 15km/h. The electric driven Fenix III has the capability to adapt the fertilizer rate to varying field conditions by using a variable rate system. The high capacity fertilizer system maintains the high precision even at high speed.

Perfect depth control
Tempo L is equipped with hydraulic wing pressure which transfers weight from the inner section of the machine to its outer wings. This enables Tempo L to respond to any irregularities on the field and ensure an even emergence.

Telescopic wheel axle
To ensure the transport wheels follow the row spacing, Tempo L can be fitted with a telescopic wheel axle which is easily adjusted from the cab. So whatever the row spacing, the transport wheels can be adjusted to always run between the seed rows. The wheel axles are easily set to 3 meters width for transport.
Tempo L 8-24 with Central Seed Fill
The new Tempo L 8-24 with Central Seed Fill is the top-capacity model in the high-speed Tempo planter family. With fewer and quicker stops for filling, the productivity is maximized on the field.

Tempo L with Central Seed Fill is equipped with a 3000 litre seed hopper. The Central Seed Fill system works as a pressurized system, constantly feeding the high precision Tempo seed meters at the row units. When the seeds has been delivered to the seed meters, the patented Power Shoot technology ensures excellent high-speed planting precision.

Perfect depth control
Tempo L with Central Seed Fill is equipped with hydraulic wing pressure which transfers weight from the inner section of the machine to its outer wings. This enables the machine to respond to any irregularities on the field and ensure an even emergence.

True planting capacity
Today, thousands of farmers worldwide have seen their farmland find its full potential thanks to the Tempo planter. Tempo L with Central Seed Fill is built with a clear focus – maximize planting capacity and precision even further. By delivering exceptional precision at very high speed, the Tempo planter is able to achieve more in a day’s work. Most importantly, the crop is granted an unmatched yield potential.