Seed Drills with working widths of 4 m
The pneumatic universal seed drill; Spirit carries out levelling, seedbed preparation, reconsolidation, seeding and pressing in one pass. It is known to provide great precision at high working speeds on the field.

Spirit is designed with powerful front tools, followed by large OffSet packer wheels. This ensures a level and firm seedbed prior to seed placement.

At the back of the machine, individual mounted double disc seed coulters give the seeds great conditions for growth. 

Thanks to its individual row depth control, the seeds are always placed at the intended seeding depth and you benefit from an even emergence over the entire field.
Contour following for even results
The great field contour following ability of Spirit is a result of its highly adaptable wing sections following the ground, as well as individual suspended front tool discs and seed coulters. This makes Spirit able to provide same even conditions over the entire field.
Headland management increases precision
To optimize the operations at the headland, Spirit is equipped with automatic headland sequence control. The system automatically lifts and lowers the front tools and seed coulters in sequence. When entering the field the system lowers the front tool into the soil before the seed coulters. Even crop establishment is achieved by eliminating double drilling or overworked headlands.
Designed for consistent seeding depth
The Spirit seed coulter consists of double seed discs connected to a large depth keeping press wheel. Each seed coulter is individually mounted on a rubber suspended arm, and the seeding depth is set by applying hydraulic pressure. This system allows for excellent contour following with great results at high working speed.

A seed planted at the correct depth will emerge at the right time and get a competitive edge against both pests and weeds. Knowing this, every part of the Spirit seed coulter is constructed with precision in mind.
Seeding depth as its top priority
A seed planted at the correct depth will emerge at the right time and get a competitive edge against both pests and weeds. Knowing this, every part of the Spirit seed coulter is constructed with precision in mind.

Uneven ground
Having each seed coulter mounted on its own arm allows the seed coulters to respond to any irregularities on the field. The working depth is constantly maintained over the entire working width.

Varying soil types
To adapt to varying soil conditions, the coulter pressure can be altered from the cab on the move. The result is a consistent seed depth over the entire field, despite variations in soil types. The wide press wheel has a great ability to stay on top of the field surface, reducing the need to adapt pressure.

Hilly terrain
To ensure an even seed depth in hilly terrain, Spirit is equipped with active seed coulter pressure. The machine immediately registers if it is located on a crest or a trough. If so, automatic valves directly compensate for an increased or decreased pressure. The seed coulter pressure is kept at a constant pre-set value, irrespective of which working angle the seed coulters are in, relative to the rest of the machine.

SeedEye ensures great results
Increasing access to information is the cornerstone of smarter farming. Since SeedEye registers each individual seed and fertilizer passing through the tubes, the seeding is visualized in real time. If a deviation should occur, SeedEye gives an immediate warning so that any impact on the drilling can be quickly remedied.
Take full control of the seeding
Väderstad SeedEye puts the control in your hands giving you the opportunity to fully optimize the result on the field. By measuring seeds per square meter, instead of weight per hectare, the seeding result is no longer affected by variations in different seed bags or seed types. This increases precision and maximizes seeding performance. Working with ISOBUS Task Controller, a variable seed rate and sectional shut off is also possible.
Spirit 400 C/S
Spirit 400 C/S has a heavy-duty frame with a long working life. The high precision metering and large seed hopper provide an impressive result with less downtime on the field. 

Spirit 400 C/S is a 4 meters wide pneumatic seed drill, available either as the seed-only version Spirit 400 S or as the combi version Spirit 400 C. 
Spirit 400 C/S metering and hopper
High precision seed and fertilizer metering
The metering system Fenix II, combines high precision metering with great capacity. The combi version Spirit 400C meters out both the seed and the fertilizer via two separate Fenix II metering systems. Fenix II is driven by a heavy-duty electric motor enabling Spirit 400 C to meter up to 500kg fertilizer per hectare at 15km/h. Due to the high location of the integrated fan, the dust intake is minimized, increasing drilling accuracy.

Large hopper capacity
To minimize downtime in the field, Spirits hopper capacity is 3740 litre for the seed-only version and 3900 litre for the combi version. The hopper is very easy to fill due to its large opening with a roll-up cover operated from the ground