Seed Drills with working widths between 3 and 4 m
Rapid is a universal seed drill that carries out seedbed preparation, levelling, drilling and reconsolidation in one pass. Its design offers a reliable seeding result at high working speed. Its capacity offers possibility to optimise timing. Direct drilling, reduced tillage or conventional tillage – Rapid creates perfect seeding results in all conditions.

By performing multiple operations in one pass, the Rapid seed drills reduces the operations on the field. This saves time, lowers input costs, and preserves soil moisture.

Rapid is known for its excellent depth keeping. The result is seen in an even emergence, maximising the yield potential over the entire field.
Aggressive seed discs adds intensity
One of the unique features of the Rapid disc seed coulter is its cultivating ability, adding further intensity to the soil preparation of the front tools. More soil preparation during drilling means less passes needed for preparation. Less passes ahead saves ground moisture and retains soil structure, maximizes the plant potential.
X-disc – Straight run for maximum output
To gain full control, it is very important that the seed drill does not alter from its straight track behind the tractor. Something that is further essential in hilly conditions. Because of the x-disc setup of the front tool, Rapid will always travel in a straight line behind the tractor. The Väderstad X-Disc is crucial to reach the full potential of a GPS- or RTK-system on the tractor.
Putting the depth first
Rapid is designed to never let factors such as shifting field conditions or high working speeds affect the seed depth. This is achieved by putting a very high pressure, from 150kg on the seed coulters, while also controlling the depth by connecting two seed coulters to one packer wheel. As a result, Rapid is able to create an even emergence at all times.
The expert of soil types
No matter if the soil is heavy, medium or light, the large offset mounted packer wheels will always stay on the field surface and deliver the correct seed depth. This makes Rapid the ideal choice when your soil conditions vary and you need a seed drill to rely on. By easily setting the working depth as well as seed and fertilization rate from the cab, Rapid allows for a versatile precision farming, adapted according to your local soil conditions.
SeedEye ensures great results
Increasing access to information is the cornerstone of smarter farming. Since SeedEye registers each individual seed and fertiliser passing through the tubes, the seeding is visualized in real time. If a deviation should occur, SeedEye gives an immediate warning so that any impact on the drilling can be quickly remedied.
Take full control of the seeding
Väderstad SeedEye puts the control in your hands giving you the opportunity to fully optimize the result on the field. By measuring seeds per square meter, instead of weight per hectare, the seeding result is no longer affected by variations in different seed bags or seed types. This increases precision and maximizes seeding performance. Working with ISOBUS Task Controller, a variable seed rate and sectional shut off is also possible.
Rapid 300-400C/S
The three or four meter wide box seed drill Rapid 300-400, is available either as seed-only or combi version. You benefit from reliable results and a modern design, allowing easy access throughout the machine.

Thanks to its versatility the machine is able to handle multiple crops, grass leys and cover crops, as well as micro granulates or slug pellets. Equipped with the mountable small seeder BioDrill, an additional product is added.
Rapid 300-400 C/S Metering/Hopper/Settings
Hydraulic metering
Rapid 300-400C/S is equipped with hydraulic metering, powered from the tractor. To match the pre-set seed rate, the metering system constantly communicates with a ground radar, measuring the forward speed. This very reliable system secures high precision metering, resistant to vibrations and irregularities on the field. Further, the system is very easy to set and calibrate.

Large hopper - high capacity
To reduce filling downtime, the box seed drills Rapid 300-400C/S have high capacity hoppers. The hopper is designed with a large opening, allowing for fast and easy filling. The combi models are equipped with an adjustable wall that separates the seed and fertiliser in the hopper.

Depth setting from the cab
To be able to instantly adapt to varying soil types or differing conditions in the field, Rapid 300-400C/S can be equipped with the automatic seed depth control AutoPilot or the seed depth measurement AutoCheck.