SULKY XT 100 / 130 ECONOV™

2 models with variable rate and working widths between 24 and 36 m
The new XT generation is pushing back the limits of performance. With working widths up to 50 m for granules and maximum capacities of 15,500 liters, these trailed fertilizer spreaders offer unrivalled productivity. At ease on the road and fields alike, the XT is approved to travel with a full hopper. For granulates, benefit from a proven mechanism, tested on mounted spreaders, with record levels of autonomy. The granulate discs are equipped as standard with Epsilon vane system = 2 jets per vane for complete overlap. For example, 90 ha per hour, spreading 300 kg/ha at 18 km/h over a working width of 50 m.
• Height-adjustable drawbar with spring;
• Pneumatic braking system;
• Hydraulic plug;
• Spread rate calibration kit;
• Anti-lock screen positioned at the top of the hopper;
• DPA spreading system with 800 mm conveyor belt;
• Electrical adjustment of the closing / opening system at the dispensers;
• Electronic adjustment of speed proportional dispensers;
• Wheelbase 2.10 m / 2.20 m;
• 540 rpm PTO transmission;
• Spreading system with limiting torque protection;
• Work lights package;
• Lighting for street transport;
• Bunker folding tarpaulin with side, front and rear protections;
• 510 mm mud protections;
• Kit for interpenetration and granulometer;
• Stainless steel rear divider;
• ECONOV-ISOBUS control system: SULKY QUARTZ 800 ISOBUS terminal universal with ISOLINK, includes GPS antenna;
• Automatic continuous weighing system.
The spreading area is never straight. Analysis of this scattering area shows a staggered crescent shape behind the car. The ECONOV innovation involves managing the adjustment for this real-time spreading area WITH 12 SECTIONS (in the ISOBUS version), each of which is managed independently.

Spreading pattern with UNIC design - EXCLUSIVE SULKY that ensures a perfect dosage for overlays by reducing the amount of fertilizer applied / ha.