SULKY DX 20 / 30™

2 models with working widths between 18 and 28 m
The FERTIWAY width control system of the DX20 sprayers is the benchmark in centrifugal spreading. It works by modifying the placement point of the fertilizer on the disc, using an exclusive output chute.

The chute is tilted and guides the fertilizer accurately onto the disc. The placement point is the simplest mechanism for adjusting the working width. Adjusting it does not require any change to the disc rotation rate or the ejection blades.

The DX30 et DX30+ fertilizer spreaders benefit from technological advances developed for spreaders designed for field crops. These innovations are tailored to the needs of mixed and livestock farming and offer simple and competitive solutions/
• Attachment system cat. II;
• Required PTO: 540 RPM;
• Hydraulic controls;
• Spreading surface adjustable between 18 and 24 m;
• Stainless steel hopper with extension, capacity 1500 liters;
• Double oscillating stirrer;
• Spread rate between 60 kg and 1000 kg / ha on an area of 18m at a forward speed of 8 km / h;
• Anti-lock site with double opening;
• Eco Board system (for environmental protection);
• Kit for performing the calibration test, includes bucket trough and scale Granulometer;
• Ground support stands to facilitate coupling / decoupling.
• Double-disc fertilizer spreader;
• PTO required: 540 rpm;
• Bolt coupling system;
• Spreading surface (working width) adjustable between 18 and 28 m (max. 36m optional);
• HIGH RESISTANCE pallets 18-28 m;
• Continuous, automatic weighing system;
• Setting the working width by changing the disk placement point;
• Stainless steel bunker with double extension, capacity: 3000 liters;
• GPS position and speed sensor;
• Electric controls for closing / opening shutters;
• Tarpaulin hopper cover, folding;
• Stainless steel bottom and double oscillating stirrer;
• Level and angle indicator for delayed spreading;
• New graduated sections for an application rate with a kilogram accuracy;
• Spread rate between 3kg and 1000 kg / ha, on an area of ​​24m at a speed of 8 km / h;
• Automatic adjustment of the spreading rate;
• Anti-lock site with double opening;
• Stainless steel deflector;
• Stainless steel central deflector for edges and 1/2 of width;
• Calibration test kit, includes trough, bucket and scale Granulometer;
• Ground support stands to facilitate coupling / decoupling;
• Traffic lighting kit.