Balers with sizes between 80-70 and 120-90 CM
New generation LB balers feature revisions and refinements throughout, to create machines even more productive than their predecessors. Additionally, the range now includes two new models, the LB424 XL and the LB434 XL. You’re guaranteed a rugged, robust and reliable baler whichever model you choose. Each one is designed to make your baling more productive, more profitable and more of a pleasure.

From front to rear, every aspect of the LB series balers was examined by Case IH engineers to analyse areas where there was scope for improvement. Every major component came under scrutiny, from the pick-up, rotor and pre-chamber through to the packer and knotters.
 Bale formation improvements on new LB balers include new reinforced crop holding fingers, a more durable plunger and a new needle cleaning kit. A new advanced multi-sensor miss-tie detection system ensures reliable knotting time after time, while an improved knotter cleaning system keeps knotters free from dust and crop. 
Using the Case IH AFS Pro 700 ISOBUS-compatible terminal, control of LB series big balers is a fingertip operation. Fine tuning of the machine can be done on-the-move from the tractor seat, with a self-diagnostic alarm system keeping you fully informed should any problem occur. A new camera monitor kit, supplied with a separate 7-inch monitor, allows users to observe camera feeds through this rather than switching between machine operating and camera feed screens on the AFS Pro 700 monitor. 

The AFS Pro 700 monitor display provides a clear and simple overview of operating status at a glance, providing operators with all the data they need to make informed decisions quickly and accurately. As a result, whether it’s you or one of your operators in the driving seat, you quickly and consistently get maximum productivity from your baler – and that holds true even for those who might be new to Case IH LB balers. In short, these are machines which allow you to quickly extract the maximum from their potential. When in Work mode, a series of automatic alarms monitor twine condition and knife position. They also warn of any miss-ties or shearbolt failures. F 
 As soon as the pre-compression chamber is filled to the required density, the stuffer fork pushes the material upward into the bale chamber, this cycle being repeated until the correct bale length is achieved. During bale formation the bale chamber’s three- dimensional density control system maintains bale shape. A new feature as part of the density control system commands the tractor to stop in the event of a flywheel, stuffer or knotter shearbolt failure, and a new proportional density control valve allows higher relief pressure, meaning more stable density regulation when working at maximum pressure. Density blocks can be installed to increase pressure when baling dry crops, and an enhanced stuffer trip mechanism prevents false trip detection. 
 With the proven and extremely reliable double knotter system on LB balers there is now the option of a new compressed air cleaning system that further enhances that reliability by keeping knotters clear of dust and debris. In the unlikely event a problem should occur, a new advanced multi-sensor miss-tie detection system is factory fitted. A sensor added to the knotter lock system detects the lock position and alerts the operator at PTO speeds of above 600rpm should a problem occur.