2 models with a camera diagonal of 1.2 and 1.5 m
ENTRY 120 (4'x4') and 150 (4'x5') are affordable, simple, sturdy full chain balers. They’re ideal for small farmers who cut their own forage or as a back-up machine for larger operations. Complete with twine and net wrap binding systems there’s a choice of either 4' (ENTRY 120) or 5' (ENTRY 150) diameter bales with a standard wide pick-up 79 in. suitable for all crops and windrows.
  • Bailing chamber with chains;
  • Automatic chain oiling system;
  • Bearings and brackets watertight;
  • Tailgate hydraulic opening;
  • Bale compression setting: hydraulic;
  • Power supply system: alternative packer comb teeth 16 pitch 2 3/4 in;
  • PU side wheels adjustable hight;
  • PU hydraulic lift;
  • Tires: std 4'x4' 11.5/80-15,3 or std 400/60 - 15,5 4'x5';
  • Combo twine+net binding system;
  • Bale ejector;
  • PTO shaft with share bolt protection;