Harrows with working widths between 8 and 14m
The ’XL’ Cover works perfectly on all types of soil except steep slopes. The offset disc gangs ensure that it always stays in line with the tractor.  Combinable with a seed drill, it reduces your hectare costs by limiting the number of passes. The ’XL’ Cover combines the advantages of the ’’X’’ (apart from seed drill compatibility) and can be used at high speed. With the central axle located between the disc gangs, you can work with or without rollers, and even work in very wet conditions.
• Main frame with 3 axes with section of 250x150x8;
• Side frame with section of 200x100x10;
• Discs with the size of Ø710 x 7mm notched in the front and smooth in the back or alternately mounted in descending order;
• FLOATING system on the compensation valve;
• Front disc battery with anti-projection TEETH discs;
• Rear disc battery with SOFT discs with scrapers;
• Dual-function hydraulic cylinders: folding and working depth control;
• Central chassis with 2 low pressure tires with the size of 550x60x22.5 with 100mm square shaft and 10 holes;
• Side chassis with 2 low pressure tires measuring 550x60x22.5 with 80 mm square shaft and 8 holes;
• Mechanical working angle adjustment with 3-position lock;
• Hydraulic cylinder clearing kit on the drawbar with rubber shock absorber;
• Vertical hydraulic folding through 4 cylinders
• Transport width: 3.0m;
• Hydraulic braking system and mechanically operated parking brake;
• Warning system for road transport: lights for braking + signaling + reflectors + space for illuminated registration plate + warning sticker for transport speed of 25Km / h + 4 reflecting panels TPESC standard.