Tandem trailers for transport
Pronar company was founded almost 30 years ago in Narew, Podlasie region in the North – East part of Poland.

Nowadays Pronar is the undisputed leader in the production and sales of machinery and equipment for agriculture, municipal services and transportation industry with nearly 50% market share in the Polish market. Pronar is also the world’s major player among the manufacturers of wheels for agricultural and municipal machinery, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, axles for trailers, as well as steel profiles and plastic components.

The axle production department was established in 2012. Pronar manufactures and sells braked and unbraked axles and half-shafts. Pronar also provides to customers with axles complemented with full sets of suspensions and wheels. The current range of Pronar products includes axles for trailers and agricultural machines with payload from 4 to 24 t. Main components are produced and assembled in Pronar’s production plants while some elements, mostly standardized parts such as bearings, leak stoppers and bolts, are supplied by world-class manufacturers.

PRONAR MONOCOQUE is an excellent tandem trailer. Because of the large capacity, it is designed to work in harsh conditions. The distinguishing feature of this trailer is turning axle, which makes maneuver much easier. What is for sure important for users, trailer is equipped with sprung drawbar which increases the comfort of the farmers whom work with high loads. Hydraulic lifting tailgate with auto-lock when closing it also improves quality of use. The buyer can easily customize the product to suit your needs thanks to a large number of optional equipment.