Power Harrows with working widths between 3 and 4 m
Sulky harrows are well known for their versatility, high furrow breaking performance, impeccable germination bed they make, ease of maintenance and proven reliability.
Technical specifications
• Category III attachment system with oscillating grip;
• Spirit Level;
• Gears with a thickness of 45mm teeth for optimizing the load on the bearings;
• The lower casing of the rotor chassis with a thickness of 8 mm for resistance to overloads;
• WALTERSCHEID cardan shaft with torque limiter;
• Active organs with Carbide treatment and screwing;
• Rotors mounted on tapered roller bearings;
• Foldable side deflectors;
• Tractor track wipers, 2 for each wheel;
• Vertically adjustable leveling bar;
• Packer Roller roller with Ø60 reinforced bearings and central adjustment;
• Roller scraper bar;
• 3-point lift with hydraulic lifting cylinders for seed drill attachment, lifting capacity HR.19 max. 1,700 kg / HR.22 max. 2,500 kg.