Harrows with working widths between 3 and 4 m
UNIA is the largest Polish producer of agricultural machinery, with a production of almost 25,000 agricultural machines per year. Of these, 10,000 are exported to 60 distributors worldwide. For the construction of machines are used approx. 100,000 tons of high quality steel in the four factories in Poland, located on a total area of approx. 11.5 ha. With a centuries-old tradition on the Polish market, UNIA produces robust machines, using durable materials and state-of-the-art technologies, thus pursuing high labor productivity in today's difficult soil and climate conditions.

Standard equipment
  • suspension axles:
    • ø60-825/ø28mm (versions 2,5÷3)
    • ø60-825/ø36mm (versions 3,5÷6)
  • 2 rows of ø510/4 mm CLASSIC toothed discs, protected by ø35×160mm shock absorbers
  • ø500 mm pipe roller
  • ø600 mm pipe roller (ARES L 4,5 / 6,0)
  • mechanical adjustment of working depth
  • rigid frame

Optional equipment
  • hydraulic front board (only w. DRIVE system or in semi-mounted version);
  • DRIVE system w. 1 800 mm long drawbar;
  • surcharge for a set of AGRESSIVE discs ø510/4 mm;
  • chassis w. wheels 10.0/80-12 and 1 800 mm long drawbar;
  • chassis w. wheels 480/45-17 and 2 200 mm long drawbar and air brake;
  • surcharge for a set of side deflectors;
  • seeder mounting kit (internal deflector, supports, coupling screw);
  • HYDROPAK – seeder coupler;
  • hydraulic adjustment of the working depth (4 points adjustable);
  • surcharge for suspension axle, ø60-825/ø36mm (version 2.5÷3);
  • surcharge for suspension axle, ø60-965/ø36mm (version 3.5÷6);
  • surcharge for polyurethane shock absorber (one set per disc);
  • warning plates kit;
  • warning plates kit with lamps;
  • possibility of mounting the ETA seeder.