Seed Drills with working widths between 3 and 8 m
Direct sowing without tillage means sowing with minimal soil movement. This saves moisture from the soil which would otherwise have disappeared with each crop. The smell of the previous culture is left as a protective layer, which leads to the creation of a microclimate for the new culture. In a dry and warm climate, the stubble protects the plants and the soil surface from the sun, while in a colder climate it maintains a protective layer of snow during the winter. 

Sky Agriculture is the French market leader in straw plant sanitizing equipment. Benefiting from an experience of over 40 years of development, the Sky Easy Drill seed drill is the technological peak of this French manufacturer and also the new landmark among many professional farmers.
Technical specifications
• ULTRON MS monitor - working surface metering, speed, empty bunker alarm, sowing rate / Ha
• Markers
• Monobloc bunker (seeds & fertilizer) divisible
• 500/60 R22.5 tires
• Prelate
• Equipped with 2 variators with continuous variable speed
• Carbide furrows
• Mud scrapers placed on the locking wheels
• "Niaux 200" Discs 
Features of the W range
• Isobus QUARTZ Monitor (replaces Ultron MS);
• Section control: half the working width;
• ISOBUS equipment;
• Storage container & calibration scale;
• Sensors monitoring clogged sections;
• 2 additional mini bunkers;
• Tires 710/50 R26.5;
• Precision dosing system from 0.5 to 30 Kg / Ha;
• Quick hopper emptying system;
• 2 independent pneumatic systems, one for seeds & one for fertilization;
• LED work lights;
• Reversing camera;
• Hydraulic braking system & parking brake;
• Electronic locking of half of the machine.